I have been a model for over 10 years, modeling for fashion and artistic nude work. Over the years I have found that my passion for modeling innovative and unique projects has been one of my driving forces.

Now that I am stepping behind the camera, I am interested in capturing the elements that define us as humans. I am just starting to put together projects that portray our humanity, our raw beauty, and our sexuality as a species.

I believe that all of the curves, wrinkles, and scars give us character. Our bodies are the shell that we live in and they are the story of where our lives have gone. They are the only truth we carry with us from birth to death that we cannot escape from. I believe that when we connect with another human skin to skin, two bodies (or more) becoming one is one of the most beautiful things that is unique to our species.

It is this – that I strive to capture.

Photo of myself modeling for photographer Dok Wright.

Photo of myself modeling for photographer Andrew Graham.